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    I’m in Chris Tyler’s SPO600 course and I decided to check out porting JSCoverage on the list of modules.

    The old project is dead as per the site here. However it’s carried on via JSCover, which is mostly a Java Project.

    I cloned it and ensured it runs through the tests via their ant test runner on both x86 and aarch64 – everything worked as expected since it’s mostly java.

    So I’m going to say I’m finished porting it, as there’s no work to be done on the project, but I figured I’d make a note on here to inform on what’s happening with that package



    Even though JSCoverage is not being enhanced, it does not mean that people are not using it or that it has been deprecated from distributions. For example, Mint 17 has JSCoverage and JSCover is not included in the package repository.

    The reason that JSCoverage was included in the list was that we found assembly/machine language in it. It might still “just work” if it has some fail-over code, but we don’t know unless someone compiles and tests it on an aarch64 emulator.

    We would prefer that fail-over code replace the assembly language code as long as stability and performance are not limited too much.

    So unfortunately JSCoverage still has to be ported (or at least tested) before it can be checked off on the list.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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